Enjoy some wholesome country style cooking. Join us for dinner and some good company

Whilst we offer you the full Bed and Breakfast experience visiting Tenterfield, we also invite you to join us for dinner.

Start with a Pre-Dinner Appetiser before the main meal. Enjoy a glass of red or white wine or beer with the meal and then a choice of desert.

Additional drinks can be added as extras.


Menu options

  • Slow roasted lamb shoulder in plain coconut cream or massaman style coconut cream, with roast vegetables

  • Slow roasted pork belly with greens and roast vegetables or mashed potatoes

  • Marinated chicken thighs with mashed potatoes and greens

  • BBQ with options of local steaks/lamb/venison/pork with optional sauces. Variety of Sausages. Seasonal salad or greens.

  • Corned meat with boiled potatoes and white sauce and vegetables

  • Roast chicken in rosemary and balsamic with roast vegetables and gravy

  • Slow cooked Casserole with mash potatoes

  • Vegetarian option


Desert options

  • Cassatta Ice cream cake

  • Hazelnut Torte

  • Sticky Date Pudding


We will provide one main course per night as well as the vegetarian option. Please specify which one you prefer when making your booking. If more than one party is staying with us, the most preferred option will be served

Please ensure you order before 11am on the day, so we can prepare dinner


Price: $40/head

Additional Wines available by the bottle or BYO ($5/bottle corkage)